International Cocoa Awards 2017


Key Figures

• 40 producing countries participated.

• 166 samples of cocoa beans received.

• 162 samples accepted, processed into liquor and untempered chocolate, and evaluated by the CoEx Programme Technical Committee.

• 50 high quality cocoa samples selected and processed into tempered chocolate and moulded (66% cacao). Information available below on the samples (producer, genetic origin, chocolate flavour profile and contact details).

• 41 chocolatiers and sensory evaluation experts blindly evaluated the 50 chocolate samples.

• 18 samples attributed an International Cocoa Award.

List of the 2017 National Organization Committees




Summary information on each of the best 50 samples including the ICAs and their flavour profile are available in the PDF file by clicking the link below:


CoEx 2017 Edition – contact information on the 50 best samples including ICAs selected from the 166 submitted samples and the flavour profiles evaluated by an International Expert Panel on sensory evaluation.


CoEx Technical Committee 2017

  1. Edward Seguine, Seguine Cacao, Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors - Chair-USA

  2. Darin A. Sukha, Cocoa Research Centre, University of the West Indies-Trinidad and Tobago

  3. Fabien Coutel, Nestle, The Chocolate Centre of Excellence-Switzerland

  4. Florent Coste, Chocolaterie Valrhona-France

  5. Régis Bouet, Régis Bouet Solutions -France

  6. Veronique Maffone, Mars Chocolate-UK


Professional Panel of Experts

  1. Alexander Rast, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting-UK

  2. Art Pollard, Amano Chocolate-USA

  3. Brad Kintzer, Tcho-USA

  4. Christopher Reeves, Academy of Chocolate-UK

  5. Clotilde Hue, Chocolaterie Valrhona-France

  6. Colin Gasko, Rogue Chocolatier-USA

  7. Elisa Montiel, Welti-Chocolaterie Bonnat-France

  8. Gary Guittard, Guittard Chocolate Company-USA

  9. Georges Richani, Nestle/The Chocolate Centre of Excellence-Switzerland

  10. Gianluca Franzoni, Domori-Italy

  11. Gladys Ramos Carranza, Theobroma Inversiones SAC-Peru

  12. Gregory Dalesandre, Dandelion Chocolate-USA

  13. Jean-Paul Hévin, Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier-France

  14. John Kehoe, Guittard Chocolate Company-USA

  15. Julien Simonis, Puratos-Belgium

  16. Maricel E. Presilla, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting-USA

  17. Marie-Amélie Ormières, Puratos-Belgium

  18. Martin Christy, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting-UK

  19. Massimiliano Cavicchioli, Venchi-Italy

  20. Michel Barel, KawaCao-France

  21. Monica Meschini, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting-Italy

  22. Nubia Martinez, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina-Peru

  23. Patrice Chapon, Chocolat Chapon-France

  24. Patrick Poirrier, Cémoi Chocolatier Français-France

  25. Paul A. Young, Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates-UK

  26. Philippe Bernachon, Bernachon Chocolatier-France

  27. Pierre Costet, Chocolaterie Valrhona-France

  28. Sabine Quintana, Cémoi Chocolatier Français-France

  29. Stéphane Bonnat, Chocolaterie Bonnat-France

  30. Susumu Koyama, Patissier eS Koyama-Japan

  31. Sylvie Guillaume, Silco-France

  32. Thomas Bauzou, Chocolaterie Valrhona-France

  33. Valentine Detalle, Barry Callebaut-France

  34. Vincent Guerlais, Chocolaterie Vincent Guerlais-France

  35. Viviana Medina, Bioversity International -Costa Rica



More photos of the 2017 Edition will be uploaded soon.

*Photo from Salon du Chocolat*