What matters to us

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme recognizes and values the work of cocoa producers by providing a global recognition to producers of high-quality cocoa and celebrating the diversity of flavours from the different origins of the world. It offers market opportunities and provides incentives to safeguard cocoa diversity for the benefits of the entire value chain, from the farming communities to the consumers.

Our vision is to ensure the sustainability of the cocoa supply chain.

Our Objectives

  1. Increase awareness and promote education along the cocoa value chain on the opportunity to produce high quality cocoa and preserve flavours resulting from genetic diversity, “terroir” and know-how of the cocoa producers.
  2. Facilitate communication and linkages between cocoa producers and operators in the supply chains to promote market opportunities.
  3. Increase capacity of producing countries to recognize, seek out, value and preserve cocoa quality and diversity.
*Photo from A. Prien Saxbol*