Excellent Cocoa Starts with You

Whether you're a farmer, chocolate maker, cocoa expert or chocolate loving foodie, there is something at CoEx for you. Here, find out how you can get involved in the Cocoa of Excellence Programme as a partner, sponsor, chocolate maker, farmer, cocoa expert or even a foodie.

Cocoa Farmer

Are you a cocoa producer who wants to get involved and participate in the Cocoa of Excellence Programme? Find your country´s NATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE and see how you can participate in the INTERNATIONAL COCOA AWARDS.


Interested in joining our circle of partners? Please reach out to the COEX PROGRAMME COORDINATION.


Please have a look at our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME.

Chocolate maker

Explore flavour profiles and find contact information for the winners and the best 50 samples for previous editions of the International Cocoa Awards.

Cocoa evaluation expert

To join our network of cocoa evaluation experts, please reach out to the COEX PROGRAMME COORDINATION or the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE in your country.  

I am a chocolate lover. What can I do to help?

  • Be curious!

  • Discuss the selection of the cocoas with your chocolate maker

  • Continue to ask questions on the origin of the cacao in your chocolate, where it comes from, how it was produced, harvested, processed … right up to the store.

  • Taste mindfully and observe flavours.

  • Celebrate diversity in aromas and flavours!

*Photo from The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade*