Guidelines for the Organization of

National Cocoa Quality Competitions


The Cocoa of Excellence Programme strongly encourages cocoa producing countries to organize national cocoa quality competitions. This is a unique opportunity to promote high-quality cocoa and diversity at national level and celebrate the skills and know-how of the men and women who produce it. National competitions can also be the opportunity to select the best samples for submission to the Cocoa of Excellence Programme for the 2019 International Cocoa Awards.

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme produced guidelines to help in the organization of such national competitions. They include suggestions that can be adapted to the specific needs for activities such as:  setting up the objectives, announcing the event, selecting the samples, celebrating the winners, providing feedback and participating in the Cocoa of Excellence Programme and events in Paris in October 2019.

Download the guidelines below in English, French and Spanish:


 *Photo from Bioversity International/F.Loward*