National Cocoa Quality Competitions

The organization of national cocoa quality competitions or awards is an opportunity for cocoa-producing countries to seek, recognize and rewards high-quality cocoas and cacao diversity at the national level. National competitions can be the mechanism for countries to participate in the Cocoa of Excellence Programme, the entry point to participate in the International Cocoa Awards (ICA), a global competition recognizing the work of cocoa farmers and celebrating the diversity of cocoa flavours globally.

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme strongly encourages each country to organize a national cocoa quality competition, and for this purpose has developed proposed guidelines to guide and facilitate the the organization of such competitions. The National Organization Committees wishing to organize such an event are invited to modify, adapt and personalize these guidelines as it suits them.

It is important to note that while there is a clear link between national competitions and the International Cocoa Awards, the Cocoa of Excellence Programme should not be directly involved in the organization nor in monitoring National Competitions in order to avoid any conflicts of interest.  The implementation of national cocoa quality competitions will be the sole responsibility of the National Organization Committees that will ensures that rules are applied, confidentiality is respected and anonymity ensured.

Below, you can download the guidelines in English, French and Spanish:


 *Photo from Bioversity International/F.Loward*