International Cocoa Awards 2010

Key points

For its 2010 edition  the Salon du Chocolat of Paris invited the general public to attend the International Cocoa Awards. Inaugurated at last year's biennial professional Salon, the event went into overtime to show consumers how indulging their love for chocolate can improve the lives of the smallholder farmers who grow most of the world's cocoa production, and in the process contribute to the conservation of cocoa diversity.

Of the 148 cocoa samples received and analyzed, 50 made it through the Cocoa of Excellence selection process and competed in their geographic area of origin: West Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, or Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The jury of professionals and connaisseurs assembled for the occasion scored the cocoa/chocolate, sweet, floral, fresh fruit, brown fruit, nutty, spicy and woody notes of each sample. 

Detailed information on the origins of these 50 samples can be found here.

Results & farmer contacts

Fifteen of the nineteen participating countries were represented at the award ceremony. The following producers who provided the entries that best represented the three dominant flavour categories of their region were singled out for recognition:

West Africa

South America

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Trinidad and Tobago, Centeno, La Reunion Estate,
    Contact: Fresh fruit (raspberry, pear…)

  • Trinidad and Tobago, Centeno, La Reunion Estate,
    Contact: Floral

  • Jamaica, Richmond, Cocoa Industry Board Richmond Farmentary,
    Contact: Spicy (vanilla, cinnamon, licorice…)

South-East Asia and Oceania

  • Papua New Guinea, Gunanur, CPL Plantation - Gunanur,
    Contact: Brown fruit (dried prune, apricot, date …)

  • Papua New Guinea, Rabaul, PNG CCIL Commercial Plantations (Tavilo),
    Contact: Fresh fruit (raspberry, pear…)

  • Madagascar, Millot,
    Contact: Woody


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*Photo from Event International*