Come and meet the CoEx team and TC at the Chocoa Trade Fair. We look forward to seeing you at Chocoa soon!

Come and meet the CoEx team and TC at the Chocoa Trade Fair. We look forward to seeing you at Chocoa soon!

The CoEx Programme is proud to collaborate with CHOCOA again this year and will have a stand at Chocoa Trade Fair IN AMSTERDAM, 21-22 February.

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CHOCOA is pleased to offer CoEx with entry passes to the Trade Fair for all CoEx collaborators. 

The CoEx Technical Committee will meet 18-20 February to agree on the final technical issues regarding the evaluation of the new cocoa bean samples from the 50 cocoa-producing countries to be received by 28th February (deadline for submission). 

CoEx and Chocoa will host the second live cocoa bean auction on 22 February afternoon (more info here ).

The Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) Programme is the entry point for cocoa-producers to participate in the International Cocoa Awards (ICA), a global competition recognizing the work of cocoa farmers and celebrating the diversity of cocoa flavours. The 2019 Edition just started.  The Cocoa of Excellence Programme is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and we are excited to have a growing number of countries and cocoa producers participating!

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme strongly encourages cocoa producing countries to organize national cocoa quality competitions. This is a unique opportunity to promote high-quality cocoa and diversity at national level and celebrate the skills and know-how of the men and women who produce it. National competitions can also be the opportunity to select the best samples for submission to the Cocoa of Excellence Programme for the 2019 International Cocoa Awards. 
New guidelines are available.  More information here.


How the COCOA OF EXCELLENCE Programme Works



Explore flavour profiles and find contact information for winners and the 50 nominated producers for previous editions of the International Cocoa Awards.

*Photos from The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Salon Du Chocolat, A. Prien Saxbøl and Bioversity/X.Scheldemann*